Auction Results, LLC and charity benefit auctioneer David Goodman provide all of the elements for a successful benefit auction event. Not only will you engage one of the best charity benefit auctioneers in the country, but you also receive the critical consulting services necessary to maximize your financial return. We firmly believe that not only do you need an engaging, sophisticated, entertaining, professional charity benefit auctioneer who understands your mission and can communicate your non-profits message to your guests in an effective manner; but you also need a key benefit auction consultant who will give you the necessary tools to allow your organization to raise more money during your charity benefit auction event. While our clients receive spectacular monetary returns through "Raising Funds by Raising Hands"®, they are not working harder than other non-profits, just smarter by putting into place our proven techniques that allow them to raise more money. Auction Results, LLC and charity benefit auctioneer David Goodman’s 30+ years of experience will bring your board, your planning committee, your employees, your guests, and the community together to inspire and empower them to support your organization like never before.

"On behalf of Remy Bumppo Theatre Company, I can’t thank you enough for the indispensable role you played in making our “Think…No Limits” benefit gala such an unanticipated and unqualified success. Your guidance, responsiveness and generosity with your time prior to the benefit event enabled us to mount our first live auction and paddle-raiser with a deliberate plan of action that carried us from our first committee meeting through a night that exceeded all expectations. Your masterful work the night of the charity event created an energy and excitement in the room that ultimately raised 50% more than we had hoped—no small feat in such a difficult economic climate. Equally important, your unique blend of sincerity and showmanship—as well as your remarkable attention to detail in “setting the stage”—left our guests with a better understanding of and appreciation for our company and our mission. Everyone involved with the benefit event was rewarded with a renewed sense of passion and excitement. On a personal note, your graciousness, patience and professionalism throughout could not have been more appreciated. You were a pleasure from start to finish and we look forward to working with you again to build upon the fine work we started this year."
Terri Abruzzo
Gala Co-Chair & Board V.P.
Remy Bumppo Theatre Company

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“We raised almost $300,000 in just over 20 minutes”

-Glenwood School for Boys &   Girls